Con una manifestación decenas conmemoran el 1 de mayo en Milwaukee

NOW: Con una manifestación decenas conmemoran el 1 de mayo en Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (TELEMUNDO WI) - Concrete actions, not only on migration but also in the war between Israel and Palestine, those were the requests made this morning by state activists, and members of the community, in the framework of the National Day of Action for the Immigrant Rights Movement.

For several years, May 1 has become a date on which the community raises its voices to demand action from local, state and federal governments, mostly on immigration.

"Well, today we're asking for them to be respected and for something to finally happen to protect the rights of immigrant people from working people," said Alan Chavoya of the Milwaukee Alliance Against Political and Racist Repression.

With slogans and banners, dozens were present this Wednesday in the main streets of Milwaukee, among their demands: actions against the Israel-Palestine war and also the elimination of the 287-G program; as well as the importance of the Hispanic vote.

"Today also marks the beginning of our electoral effort for the upcoming elections," added Christine Neumann-Ortiz, executive president of Voces de la Frontera.

"Power belongs to the people, many people believe that politicians are the ones who are going to determine the future, but in reality it is the people, when people unite, when people organize is when we have change," Chavoya added.

Another of the issues that was most emphasized this morning was that of driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants in Wisconsin, and which in recent years has become relevant.

"My parents don't have papers, they're immigrants and it's difficult for them and for me too, it causes problems and it's important to be here for that reason," said Ricardo Osorio, who attended the march this morning.

Another petition at the federal level was directed at President Joe Biden to demand that he fulfill his campaign promise to abolish the 287G program and expand temporary protected status, among others.

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